Your Goals Quiz

Why should you set your goals?

The discovery of what you want to accomplish is the discovery of what you value in life.

By aligning what you value with the results that you produce at work brings direction and meaning to your life.

How do you know what you want to accomplish?

You can assume two perspectives that reveal what you value. Either, you identify what you enjoy in life or what you don’t. What you enjoy gives you the possibility to sustain, promote, and recreate it. What you don’t enjoy gives you the possibility to diminish, remove, and improve it.

What do you want to accomplish?

Value: Security / Safety / Protection / Peace
Purpose: Most good things in life are possible in a secure and safe environment. You want to work towards a safe society.
Value: Desirability / Affection / Family / Belonging
Purpose: Feelings of belonging or affection bring joy and well-being. You seek to promote close relationships and their potential.
Value: Contribution / Accomplishment / Improvement / Change
Purpose: Through contributions your life or others' lives can improve. You want to change things through your actions.
Value: Enlightenment / Truthfulness / Education / Guidance / Growth
Purpose: The transmission of wisdom and knowledge brings great benefits. Educating and guiding yourself and others through truthful principals is a mission.
Value: Self-esteem / Acceptance / Admiration / Recognition
Purpose: Acceptance and encouragement are powerful tools. You want to promote and recognize others' potential or you want others to admire and recognize you.
Value: Self-expression / Communication / Creation / Innovation
Purpose: Expressing one's thoughts brings meaning to life. You formulate, share or materialize ideas.
Value: Experimentation / Adventure / Pleasure / Excitement
Purpose: Experiencing the world can bring great pleasure. You seek to recreate these experiences for others and yourself.
Value: Control / Manage / Supervise / Influence
Purpose: People's visions come to life through one's actions and the actions of others. You steer yourself and others into desired goals.
Value: Freedom / Independence / Autonomy
Purpose: The potential of any individual stands on the freedom to live, think and make autonomous choices. You want to maintain or promote freedom.
Value: Support / Serve / Help / Give
Purpose: Life becomes intolerable without the receiving and giving of service between people. You want to participate and promote these essential interactions.

Conclusion: your general topic preference according to the number of your selections:  SET 1 Protect what you value;  SET 2 Receive & give affection;  SET 3 Promote accomplishment; SET 4 Seek & promote truth;  SET 5 Attain recognition;  SET 6 Share thoughts & views;  SET 7 Experience the world;  SET 8 Guide & influence events;  SET 9 Promote individual freedom;  SET 10 Help people or other things.

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