Your Topic Quiz

Why should you discover topics that move you?

The persistence required to take you to your chosen goal is only attainable by your desire to do so. Persistence requires the assimilation of good habits and the pursuit of topics that move you.

There are specific issues that energize you and drive your interest to pursue them further.

You must recognize them.

How do you know what interests you?

As you experience the world you are inevitably drawn by somethings and repelled by others. Go through the suggestions and recognize what is your general area of interest.

What moves you?

1- Live test new parachutes.
2- Play traditional games & sports.
3- Repair telecommunication towers in remote locations.
4- Transport and store medical equipment.
5- Extract raw materials for industrial production.
6- Working in a crew of a sailing vessel.
7- Pilot a transport helicopter.
8- Handle a herd into a barn.
9- Become a yoga instructor.
10- Patrol the streets of a city.
1- Carve a statue.
2- Restore & repurpose furniture.
3- Prepare exclusive meals.
4- Decorate an office.
5- Design clothing and accessories.
6- Design the cover for a new album.
7- Present a new art collection.
8- Design a building.
9- Craft glass objects.
10- Select & use types of calligraphy for publications.
1- Monitor and ensure that the manufacturing process complies with regulations.
2- Ground control coordinator of an airfield.
3- Manage a factory.
4- Lead a board meeting.
5- Allocate funds to startups.
6- Sell products.
7- Import and export goods.
8- Monitor market prices & trades.
9- Sell & buy stocks and bonds.
10- Sell & buy property.
1- Invent a plant growing medium that doubles as fertilizer.
2- Measure wavelengths coming from space.
3- Examine water sources for purity.
4- Conduct meteorological studies.
5- Study crop production and growth.
6- Record the yearly growth of desert fronts.
7- Study plant & animal specimens.
8- Study the surface of Mars.
9- Study the parallel between solar activity and Earth's temperature.
10- Research resources in the Pacific ocean.
1- Be a city guide.
2- Organize touristic events.
3- Attend to guests needs.
4- Operate a hostel.
5- Making and serving drinks and cocktails.
6- Own & run a coffee shop.
7- Maintain a hairdressing salon.
8- Organize & prepare catering events.
9- Host parties.
10- Perform religious ceremonies.
1- Compile & study written works about human behavior.
2- Study & develop beneficial social norms.
3- Observe the development of isolated populations.
4- Study the history of different civilizations.
5- Study the Media's influence on people's behavior.
6- Study the development of poetry.
7- Write theses about different political & economic systems.
8- Study the Classics and Philosophy.
9- Learn the foundation of our justice system.
10- Study the Human history.
1- Advise people on where to find information.
2- Teach people to succeed.
3- Develop an educational program.
4- Train people on a specific skill set.
5- Receive & support people in difficult situations.
6- Provide psychological or emotional therapy to people.
7- Provide medical equipment to health facilities.
8- Provide medication & treatment to people.
9- Check patients health status.
10- Nurse people to health.
1- Operate the recording equipment of a studio.
2- Assemble all the parts of a car.
3- Introduce a new navigation system for jet planes.
4- Program security software.
5- Engineer new hardware.
6- Drive & operate specialized machinery.
7- Develop & install electronic systems.
8- Study and experiment with robotics.
9- Develop a more efficient helicopter rotor.
10- Calculate the best routes for a new highway.
1- Perform on a set, a studio, or live.
2- Write a science fiction comic series.
3- Write a script for a puppet show to amuse children & parents.
4- Tell jokes to entertain an audience.
5- Write novels.
6- Produce and direct a documentary.
7- Create content for an online or TV channel.
8- Report local stories.
9- Manage social media accounts and engage with followers.
10- Spokesperson for an institution.

Conclusion: general topic preference according to your selections:  SET 11 Action, Body & Senses;  SET 12 Arts, Design & Crafts;  SET 13 Management, Financial & Sales; SET 14 Natural Sciences;  SET 15 Hospitality & Services;  SET 16 Social Sciences;  SET 17 Education, Health Care & Social Services;  SET 18 Technology, Engineering & Trades; SET 19 Entertainment & Communications

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