How to examine occupations?

Agricultural Workers – Example

Agricultural workers maintain crops and tend to livestock.

Agricultural Workers Career, farming and fishing occupations
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What do I care for in this profession?

  • grow plants for food, reforestation, medicine, creating a pleasing natural atmosphere or gardening
  • increase of food supply leads to healthier lives
  • an increase in medicinal plants leads to people’s well-being
  • Gardening leads to beautiful, peaceful and natural atmospheres which lead to well-being
  • Growth of experience and research in plant production and its benefits
  • greenhouse farmer
  • microgreen grower
  • honey producer
  • grow medicinal plants for pharmaceuticals or process them directly into usable medicine
  • grow trees for reforestation, gardening and food production
  • nature, outdoors, beauty
  • grow food
  • healthy living
  • nature research and development of plant production
  • follow the plants needs,  schedule or automate irrigation and lighting systems.
  • healthy physical work
  • research and conduct experiments to develop plant production
  • decide which types of plants to grow, and supply the market with needed plants
  • handle plants, soils, seeds, water, fertilizers, nutrients
  • set up greenhouses
  • use hand tools such as pruners and spades
  • use mechanized tools and transportation vehicles
  • selling my products online, local markets, restaurants and retailers
  • thinking about and experimenting with new products for different client needs
  • mechanized equipment
  • transportation equipment
  • types of plants, soils, seeds, irrigation systems, greenhouses, and lights
  • light sensors, humidity sensors
  • ground nutrients
  • animals
  • greenhouse
  • quiet, peaceful
  • nature sounds and surroundings
  • natural sunlight 
  • outdoors
  • large spaces
  • possibility of working alone or with few people far from each other

What is missing in this profession?

  • the production of ideas and distribution of the resulting knowledge
  • work with thoughts and ideas
  • less physical activity
  • more writing, reading and listening
  • intellectual work
  • the use technology and computers
  • the use of books
  • a peaceful inside space with a desk and a comfortable chair

How do I add what is missing in this profession?

  • produce valuable research that can be of use for food production, medicinal plants, nutrient production and reforestation
  • book explaining the research conducted and its findings
  • redirect my production towards research resulting from conducted experiments
  • study of plants characteristics and benefits they can produce
  • study of plants to solve human problems
  • agricultural engineering
  • reserve part of the day to study existing research and knowledge about plants and their characteristics and possible uses
  • grow plants and conduct experiments indoors
  • write and share the experiments I conduct
  • study of agricultural engineering
  • increase the use of technology
  • use a computer and adequate software to conduct, register, develop and share research
  • technical books with theoretical and practical research
  • notebook & pen to write, draw, and develop ideas
  • microscope and other measurement tools to observe differences with each experiments 
  • spend more time indoors 
  • lab to conduct experiments
  • comfortable office to note all the results of research

Is the plant research topic and the resulting possible benefits something that I care for, or I wish cared for?

  • I would rather dedicate myself to the development and distribution of knowledge
  • also, promote and improve paths for a person’s well-being
  • developing thoughts and sharing ideas about surpassing human difficulties is more in tune with my preferences
  • I seem to be more interested in the promotion of knowledge and wisdom
  • human behavior and how it relates to well-being is more captivating to me
  • the study of plants seems to be secondary to me 
  • no issues
  • no issues
  • no issues

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